CenterStone Asset Management Software

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Today’s businesses understand the company-wide interdependencies between operations, asset performance, personnel productivity and lifecycle costs. They know that physical asset management is more than just “maintenance management”. CenterStone Asset Management software helps businesses easily and proactively manage assets across a facility by:

CenterStone Asset Management Software

About CenterStone Assets

Assets include people, equipment (e.g., lab apparatus, emergency gear, printers, computers), furniture, fleets, hazardous materials, infrastructure (e.g., parking lots, landscaped areas, bridges) and even domain expertise associated with an employee. CenterStone facilitates the planning and tracking of such assets in a database while graphically showing their locations on floor plans or maps. CenterStone also provides easy access to complete asset histories – maintenance records, work orders, suppliers, labor, material costs, etc. – via both wired computers and remote wireless devices.

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