Drawing Scanning & CAD Conversion

Need to preserve your historic building drawings... Are your old paper drawings deteriorating with age? Scanning your historic building drawings provides safe and protected access to your information.

From Paper to 100% CAD and into CAFM

We offer experienced, professional drawing scanning to digital file and complete 100% paper to CAD drawing conversion for all types of architectural and engineering drawings.

Preserve & Protect Paper Drawings

deteriorating paper floor plan drawing

  • Paper drawings are not easily retrieved
  • Paper drawings are not easily distributed
  • Paper Drawings are expensive to store
  • Paper drawings deteriorate with age

Scan Paper Drawings to Digital Image

digital image of scanned floor plan drawing

  • Stop deterioration & improve quality
  • Easily retrieve & distribute electronic drawings
  • Store thousands of drawings on 1 CD
  • Store backup copies safely offsite

Convert Paper Drawings to 100% CAD

autocad floor plan drawing

  • 100% CAD, layered, dimensionally accurate
  • Conformation to your CAD specifications
  • No cleanup required
Resulting in:
  • Cleaner drawings
  • Better data analysis
  • Easy drawing changes and updates
  • Easy integration with CAFM systems

Import CAD Drawings into CAFM

cafm drawing

  • CAFM integrates graphic with non-graphic data
  • CAD benefits without having to know CAD
  • Easy access to your drawings and data

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