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EvolveFM Asset Management software is part of the core module of the EvolveFM CAFM software for facilities management. Asset management in EvolveFM provides the ability to quantify, track, analyze and report the use of your organization's physical inventory of fixed assets.

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Assets and Interactive Drawings

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The EvolveFM Asset Management system also offers a visual, interactive way to manage, update and report on your facility asset information.

Utilize the intelligent drawings in EvolveFM to search, retrieve and edit asset data. Select assets on a drawing and display & manage related asset information. Move your assets into spaces with a simple Drag & Drop technique never leaving the drawing.

Easily locate & highlight your assets on a drawing or highlight the space where an asset resides. Manage vendor and manufacturer information, model & serial numbers along with installation and replacement information for any type of asset.

Take Advantage of BIM Data

EvolveFM asset management gives you the tools to extract and manage more of the information contained in your drawings. With Layer and Object controls in the viewer, you choose what geometry to make visible and which objects to make "clickable", letting you navigate through your data graphically to access the information you need.

Use this tool to manage all the way from the exterior property level down to pieces of equipment, signage, data jacks - the possibilities are endless.

Data Import / Export to EXCEL

evolvefm data export and import to excel imageNeed to analyze your asset data more deeply? Interactive data grids in EvolveFM provide reporting and data import/export capability, allowing you to quickly and easily export your asset data to Microsoft Excel, Access, or any tool that can read a tab delimited text file. No need to abandon the analysis tools that are already working well for you, work with your asset data as needed, and import your changes and updates directly back into EvolveFM... As simple as that.

Key Features

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Implementing Assets in EvolveFM

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