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Real Estate ownership and operating costs are typically second only to payroll in overall business operating costs. Facility management professionals are continually asked to do more work even though budgets continue to shrink. Evolve FM facilities management software will help you manage your facilities at the lowest possible cost.

Facility Management Software (CAFM / CMMS)

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Powerful, intuitive, comprehensive Facility Management software that anyone can use... Without the big price tag.

Evolve FM, Built for mobility with HTML5.

Evolve FM  HTML5 platform

Evolve FM facility management drawingEvolve FM facility management software from CAFM Resources, helps facility professionals achieve significant facilities related cost savings, giving them greater influence and personal credibility. Evolve FM provides real-time insight into available and used space, information that can be used to make better decisions faster.

Developed & designed to utilize the newest browser technologies in HTML5, Evolve FM’s responsive interface automatically adapts it's layout to the viewing device used at log in.

Evolve FM is the CAFM software solution that tackles the real challenges of managing your facilities information – including Access, Integration, and Distribution. Evolve FM is the most affordable, comprehensive, facilities management software tool available.

Evolve FM Software Modules


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With Evolve FM, graphically display and report space utilization by occupancy,  space type, or by business unit (cost center, department, etc.). Easily color-code spaces on a drawing proportionate to the percentage of business unit assigned to them.


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In Evolve FM, move occupants into spaces graphically with an easy Drag & Drop capability, or use the Move Management module to plan and execute large scale moves. Track CHURN and see a history of all space occupancies.


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Use Evolve FM to identify and report asset information and easily assign assets to properties, buildings, floors, spaces, or to other assets. Graphically view and query asset data on a floor plan right from your browser.


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With Evolve FM users can submit online service requests. Technicians can generate On-Demand work orders, schedule Preventive Maintenance routines that automatically generate PM work orders and assign them to designated supervisors and/or technicians.

Accessibility on Various Devices

Evolve FM facility management software fluidly responds to fit any screen or device size. No additional cost for mobility, and no add-on apps required.

Evolve FM mobile space management

Evolve FM, Cost Effective Facilities Management

The job of a Facilities Manager has become much more demanding; there is more information to manage in the form of data and drawings, and a much greater need for faster, more accurate reporting capabilities. Evolve FM responds to the demand and is an easy-to-use, affordable tool for facility professionals. Some CAFM/CMMS systems can be very expensive technologies reserved for very large organizations that have the resources to invest in them. These systems tend to be very complex and as a result are often left underutilized or not used at all. Evolve FM is a much more affordable and an easier to use solution that competes functionality with systems 2x-5x its price.  Evolve FM facility management software will help you work as resourcefully and cost effectively as you should be.

Evolve FM Training & Implementation

Evolve FM training imageAs an Evolve FM certified implementation partner, we work with each client on a one-to-one basis as we combine your Evolve FM software training with your Evolve FM system implementation.

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